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Groove Theory // Tell Me


Groove Theory // Tell Me

Groove Theoryは、フィラデルフィア育ちの女性ボーカルAmel LarrieuxとNY出身のキーボード&プログラミング担当の元MantronixのBryce Wilsonによるユニット。
Mary Jane Girlsの「All Night Long」をサンプリングしたベースラインにのせたGroove Theoryを代表する曲。


"Tell Me"

I've been doing my own thing
Love has always had a way of having bad timing
But to my great surprise, ever since I looked in your eyes
I had one question for you

Tell me if you want me to give you all my time
I wanna make it good for you cause you blow my mind
I promise boy, that I'll be true, you're the perfect find
So tell me if you want me to, yeah

If you've thought I'd sleep on this
Boy, you're wrong cause all I dream about is our first kiss
And you're the first one to make me feel like this
And this is one opportunity that I can't miss, no, no
Boy, you wanna know the deal
You are wondering if the words I'm saying are for real
Cause you got more appeal than any man in this whole world
And baby, I got to know how you feel, yeah


Sweetheart, now it's time I let you know
I don't wanna rush, we should take it slow
Boy, I can love you, can you help me grow
Give me a new beginning and I'll give you a happy ending

[Hook x3]

-female, R&B